Vandring i Husby Klitplantage

Vandreoplevelse i Husby Klitplantage den 7. august 2020 på engelsk

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Hagevej 205

6990 Ulfborg

Pamper yourself with a guided hike on the West Coast's first "Premiumweg" certified hiking trail. Enjoy amazing nature experiences, feel the wind in your hair and hear remarkable stories from the wild from passionate nature guides when you sign up for a hike in Husby Dune Plantation!

Take part in a fantastic guided hike with great nature experiences, good talk and contemplation. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the wild, as you will experience the sky, the sea, the dunes, the heath and the forest throughout the trip. Your senses will be stimulated as you meet the sounds, scents and beautiful colors of nature.

We hike in a very varied terrain, where you come very close to the water as you are challenged in the dunes along the beautiful rugged west coast, feel the silence of the moors and meet the colors of the season and hear the birds singing as you move through the Husby Dune Plantation. We will have lunch along the way at the cozy Fjand Gårdbutik, where the meal will be served with a delicious lunch. The farm shop offers a wide range of delicious delicacies and beautiful craftsmanship.

You get:
• Red cheeks
• Wind in your hair
• Passionate tales from Jens Hedevang, Hedevang Outdoor
• Approx. 11 km hike on the West Coast's 1st "Premiumweg" certified hiking route in sand dunes
• Delicious lunch at Fjand Gårdbutik

Time: Tursday 14 July and Friday 7 August 2020 at 09:30 - approx. 13:30.
Start: Helmklink Havn, Hagevej  205, 6990 Ulfborg.
Price: DKK 245. * The tour is only completed by a minimum of 13 participants. Book your tidket here.


Hagevej 205

6990 Ulfborg


07 Aug 20 / 07 Aug 20


09:30 - 13:30

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